Easy to set up, easy to use – jobQuest plugin for WordPress supercharges your recruitment site with the most simple yet powerful set of functionalities you can imagine.


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Key Features

The jobQuest plugin has a variety of features to provide you with everything you need to create a recruitment platform. You will be able to implement a comprehensive job search and filtering system, job listings page and complete account management system. The plugin also contains a complete backend system to view and manage jobs, filters, applicants and applications. See below for a description and feature list of each of the key sections within the jobQuest plugin.

  1. Job Search Bar Feature
  2. ‘Search Jobs by Country’ Map Feature
  3. ‘Search Jobs by Category’ Feature
  4. Latest Listings Section
  5. Job Listings Page
    1. Search Jobs
    2. Filter Jobs
    3. View a Job Description
    4. Apply for a Job
  6. Account Management
    1. User Registration
    2. User Login
    3. Upload and Save CV
    4. Application History
    5. Manage Account Information

Search Tool

The search tool provides a quick and easy method of filtering through all job positions listed on the website. The search includes filters for keywords, custom category entries (such as job sectors or titles) and custom locations.

The jobQuest Search Tool

Latest Listings

The jobQuest Latest Listings Feature

This feature can be implemented anywhere you wish to display the most recent job listings. If you have assigned a location or locations for the position, the information will display alongside the job position title.

‘Search Jobs by Country’ Map Feature

Search by Map Feature - Searchable Countries

The map is fully customisable and can be used to filter jobs by country. Location categories that have been assigned an Alpha-2 country code as the slug will be searchable on the map.

Job Listings

The listings page is a fully responsive feature that displays all current positions available on the website. The listings can be searched using the incorporated search feature, and filtered using the customisable filtering system. The page content can be customised to hide all information from users who have not yet registered. To learn more about the custom display settings for jobs, see here.

jobQuest Job Listings Page


Job Descriptions and Applications

A more detailed description of each job is available via a sliding panel. Applications are made fast and simple by the one page application system. For repeat applications, user information is stored to enable a faster application process. 

Manage Account

All user accounts and applications are handled by the jobQuest plugin. Users will be able to manage their cover letter and CV as well as view a record of positions they have applied for.